A bittersweet final bow for Prague's eternal dissident. Vaclav Havel retires today as president of the Czech Republic after 13 years in power. The writer turned politician tells David Wallis of his rocky ride from revolutionary to statesman

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  • Event: the last day of the presidential mandate, wreath laying at the statue of T. G. Masaryk at the Hradčanské Square, wreath laying at the Monument of Communism Victims at the cemetery in Prague - Motol, wreath laying at the honorable burial ground for political prisoners of the IIIrd Resistance at the cemetery in Prague - Ďáblice, wreath laying at the Wenceslas Monument at the Wenceslas Square, the reception of the outgoing President of the Czech Statistical Office, the reception of Lubomír Zaorálek, President of the Chamber of Deputies, and Vladimír Špidla, Prime Minister at the Prague Castle in the matter of the transfer of presidential powers, a military parade at the Prague Castle, a meeting with the Armed Forces representatives at the Prague Castle, lowering of the presidential flag
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  • Date of origin: 2.2.2003
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  • David Wallis (Author)


  • Name: Archiv Kanceláře prezidenta republiky
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  • Specification: Cardboard 3: Media 1990-2003


The Sunday Times; 2.2.2003